Join the evolution and accept crypto in your business – fast and without commissions

Bitso Transfer, immediate payments in pesos and crypto-currencies as a payment method in your company or business.

There are more and more places where you can pay for meals, experiences, services, trips… with cryptomonies in Mexico and in the world. By adding this payment method you not only offer a better alternative to cash and credit cards, but you can also attract a huge crypto-fan clientele that you did not know.

In Bitso we want to help add more establishments to this movement, making the community have more and more opportunity to live their day to day with cryptomonkets.  If you are a commercial establishment and you would like to offer this alternative of immediate payment and without commissions for receiving payment, for affiliation procedures (opening), for minimum monthly invoicing and for installation, here we explain what you should do.

As soon as it is created, you can start receiving payments using the Bitso app. The payment method within the app is called Bitso Transfer. The customer can make the payment by sending the corresponding amount (in crypto or in pesos) using the mail, phone number or QR code related to your account. He only has to specify the amount to be transferred, the currency to be transferred and confirm the sending. The application has a built-in converter, so the user can easily select the amount of crypto converted into pesos to be paid to you.

That said, the best method to receive Bitso Transfer payments in your establishment is undoubtedly the payment by QR. To get your unique QR code and start receiving payments by this method, just enter your Bitso App and select the option “Mexican pesos” on the main page, scroll right twice until you reach your QR. You can repeat this operation each time you receive a payment or simply print the code (as a screenshot or print in physical) and present it to the client.

The client or user who is going to pay you by Bitso Transfer, must scan the QR to synchronize both accounts in the payment. To do this, he must select the option “send” in his application and select the QR image at the top right of the menu. Selecting the image will enable the camera and allow you to scan the code.

After scanning the code, the customer will be shown the payment options that he has in his Bitso wallet, that is, the Mexican pesos and crypto-currencies he has. He will have to select the currency with which he wants to pay and select the amount to transfer. To pay with crypto currencies, once again, the application has an integrated converter to facilitate the exact sending of the payment. That is to say, you do not have to calculate in crypto-currency, you can enter the amount measured in pesos that you want to transfer and the application will calculate the equivalent amount of crypto-currency needed to cover that amount. The next step is simply to confirm the transaction.

Immediately after the customer accepts the transaction, you will receive a push-notification in your app and an email with the transfer confirmation. This will also be sent to the customer. The funds will be transferred from the customer’s Bitso wallet to your store’s Bitso wallet within seconds. I insist, the process is instantaneous and has no commission. To learn more about the practical side of receiving a payment, you can review the Bitso transfer tutorial.

Also, if you have more questions, create a support ticket or contact us in our live chat and we’ll help you with anything you need. Let’s live the simplicity of the crypt world with Bitso Transfer!

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