What to do with my first bitcoin

Many have told you that you have to buy bitcoin. Why “blockchain”, why “you’re going to become a millionaire”, why “the moon and the stars”, because “if you don’t have bitcoin to lose” … Surely they moved the mat and after several days of research and ask several people, being judged for not knowing, you were encouraged to buy.

Very nice and all but… what now? What do I do with this?

Let me give you some context, crypto currencies are the natural money of the globalized and digitized world we live in now. With the internet already being the basis of communication, business development, knowledge and operations in general, it seems retrograde to continue using a monetary system that does not evolve at the speed that technology does.

Although bitcoin’s main use over the years has been as a store of value, and more recently as a tool for sending remittances, a major utility that is not widely used today is as a payment method. That is why we bring you some options where you can pay with your bitcoin in Mexico and in some Internet sites.

With the new Bitso app, in which you can consult, send and receive crypto currencies, you can invite your friends to eat, paying the bill with bitcoin, reflecting how progressive and absolutely crack you are. Not only that, you can also take advantage of your vacation to go on a trip like a champion, paying your airfare and lodging with bitcoin.

Unfortunately, I still can’t recommend you to go out with just your Bitso app, as you never know what we will need cash or even our cards for. However, I invite you to experiment with paying with bitcoin, you’ll be surprised at the amount of crypto-friendly establishments in the country.

To help you with your experiment, we have provided you with a list of places and activities in Mexico where you can pay with bitcoin.

1. Restaurants

If you live in Mexico City you can go for pizza at PIxza. If you don’t have an appetite for bread, tomato and cheese, you can go to Taj Mahal and Los Acorazados del Golden Braun located in La Condesa. If you feel like having a cup of coffee after your meal, you can go to Café Demente. Outside the city you can go to Cafeteria Petrona in Aguascalientes and The Coffee York in Puebla City.

2. Travel

You can purchase your bitcoin airplane tickets through Cheapair.com without having to provide the overwhelming amount of data requested by paying in the traditional way.

3. Tourist Attractions

Some attractions like Koox Adventure and Dive Adventures in Tulum accept bitcoin so you can dive and experience the cenotes. You can also do this at The Diver of Oz in San Miguel de Cozumel. If your tourist destination is Mexico City, you can visit Teotihuacan and enjoy the experiences offered, paying with bitcoin.

4. Electronic

The Newegg online store covers your electronics needs from gadgets, computers and parts, office equipment, games, toys and household items. In addition to shipping to Mexico, Newegg allows you to pay with bitcoin.

5. Digital Products

Microsoft accepts bitcoin as well so you can buy Xbox games, movies and other products. You can also buy gift cards from the Gyft or eGifter website. They sell you gift cards from brands such as iTunes, Domino’s, Nike, Adidas, Uber, Ubereats, Starbucks, Ebay, Amazon, Best Buy and Applebee’s among others.

6. Music

You can buy Björk’s discography on their official site and pay with bitcoin, dash, litecoin and audiocoin. Björk is amazing, let’s be like Björk.

7. Jewelry

If you want to give something to that special person, the Mexican handcrafted jewelry Tumbiko accepts payments with bitcoin.

Spaces like dental clinics, work studios, independent professionals, agencies, and comic book stores have joined, allowing bitcoin payments. To find crypto-friendly stores near you, you can go to coinmap.org and zoom in on your city or region. Likewise, if you’re in cash, you can

convert your crypto money into trust money at one of the many Crypto-ATMs in the country.

There is still a long way to go in terms of bitcoin acceptance in Mexico compared to countries like the United States, Japan, Canada and Slovenia where paying with bitcoin comes as no surprise. That said, the incorporation of this method of payment, even though it is considered an alternative in Mexico, will not take long. With bitcoin you finally have global money that allows you to move your capital as easily as you move on the internet – without borders, without additional costs and without “Your shipment will take 3 working days and we will charge you $10 commission”.

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